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W series 4 Door 677 L Refrigerator Saturn Steel


MRP: Rs.138,000

Selling Price: Rs.109,250

(Inclusive of all taxes)
Saturn Steel

Key Features

Adaptive Intelligence Technology with Advanced MultiSensor System
Its state-of-the-art Adaptive Intelligence Microprocessor and Advanced Multisensor System ensures long lasting freshness to your food items. The powerful system continuously senses temperature & humidity and adapts accordingly to ensure food preservation for longer.
Convertible Freezer Zone
Different foods require different temperatures for storage. Convertible freezer zone comes with 3 temperature settings for various food items

-7 °C: For marinades and ready-to-eat food items
-12 °C: For ice creams and desserts
-18 °C: For storing frozen foods for long

6TH Sense FreshLock Technology
6TH Sense FreshLock Technology automatically detects temperature variations in fridge section. Together with 3D Airflow, it helps restore the optimal environment to preserve fresh food for long.
6TH Sense FreezeLock Technology
6TH Sense FreezeLock reduces freezer burns by minimizing temperature variations in freezer, thereby preserving the quality of food