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Uts RO Water Purifier - 15 L

MRP: Rs.17,500

Selling Price: Rs.16,055

(Inclusive of all taxes)
Delivery Time 15 Working Days

Key Features

High Capacity - 15 L
The large tank with automatic filling and shutoff gives you enough storage for the entire day.
High TDS Operation - Up to 2500
Its strong filtration is effective even in areas with extremely hard water, up to 2500 TDS (total dissolved solids) levels
High Filtration Capacity - 14 Ltrs per hr
The Fast filtration design enables high speed purification - at 14 litres per hour.
Best in Class Certifications
Every component of UTS RO purifier is tested to exacting international safety and reliability standards followed by Whirlpool. The key filters and components are certified by NSF, USA a globally recognized certification agency for water purifiers. The water delivered through Whirlpool UTS RO conforms to BIS drinking water standards for India.
Faucet with Chrome and Gold Styling
The faucet is styled in an international chrome and gold look with an elegant Whirlpool badge- adding extra glamour to your kitchen.
Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Filter
In the last stage of purification, silver impregnated post carbon filter gives additional protection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and keeping the water odour less and fresh.