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Minerala Ultra RO Water Purifier - 10 L

MRP: Rs.19,500

Selling Price: Rs.17,100

(Inclusive of all taxes)
Delivery Time 15 Working Days

Key Features

9 Stage Purification
100% RO + UV + UF
Reduces physical, chemical & biological contaminations.
Wellness Enhancer
Mineral Enrichment System
Improves taste and ensures that the water is enriched with essential minerals.
Extreme Performance
Works up to 2500 PPM* TDS Level
Ensures purification even under extreme conditions.
Superior Convenience
Large Storage Tank
10 Litres storage capacity.
Enhanced Protection
Ensures 99.9% protection from microbial contamination post purification.
Smart & Intelligent
Intuitive UI Panel
Senses the tank filling, low inputs, water pressures etc.