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Minerala 90 Classic RO Water Purifier - 8.5 L

MRP: Rs.16,500

Selling Price: Rs.10,430

(Inclusive of all taxes)
Delivery Time 15 Working Days

Key Features

Higher Storage
Amongst the highest storage Water Purifiers in the market with 8.5 Litre storage capacity.
6-Stage Purifications
6-Stages of purification help remove not only the physical impurities but also the microbial & chemical impurities.
Unique Mineral Enrichment System (MES)
Unique Mineral enrichment system in Whirlpool water purifiers adds back the essential minerals to water that are removed during the RO Purification process
Large RO Membrane
Built with High Quality standards with a large capacity 80 GPD (Gallons per day) membrane which is capable of servicing all the water needs of a large family.
Strong Filtration Capacity : 10 LPH @ 750ppm
The most trustworthy health-shield RO membrane works till 2000 ppm of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Its strong filtration is effective even in areas with extremely hard water.
Comprehensive Warranty
Whirpool RO Water purifiers offer 1 year comprehensive warranty on the product including the RO Membrane for complete peace of mind.