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Genius 190 L, 3 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator (Wire Shelf)


MRP: Rs.13,800

Selling Price: Rs.12,100

(Inclusive of all taxes)
Grey Wine Blue
Delivery Time 15 Working Days

Key Features

Insulated Capillary™ Technology
In Insulated capillary™ technology, the capillary which carries the refrigerant from the Compressor to the freezer is surrounded by super cold gas leading to benefits such better compressor efficiency, faster cooling and 12 Hours cooling retention in the refrigerator.
Fastest in Ice-Making
The advanced insulated Capillary technology and powerful compressor in Whirlpool refrigerators make ice faster than any other products in their class - so that you are never short of ice.
Maxx Bottle Storage
2 dedicated door racks chill up to three 2L-bottles and five 1L-bottles and that too, twice as fast as competition.
9 Hours Cooling Retention During Power Cuts
The new Genius Range with the revolutionary insulated capillary technology gives up to 9 Hours of cooling retention in the entire refrigerator during power cuts.
2 Times Faster Bottle Chilling
Your water bottles cool twice as fast in the new whirlpool product range.
Extra Large, Extra Cold Freezer at -26oC
Extra-large freezer, extra cold freezer with freezer temperatures going as low as -26oC.